Financing Firm

Golden Base Holdings financing needs will vary according to the Investment Fund with which the financing will be obtained; The funding party projects at a minimum of 200 million for a project of this nature. Meaning it must fit the civil needs of the people within the country. 

In the financial sphere our lead funding party maintains strategic alliances with well-established groups and recognized worldwide investors with high investment grade and the experience and financial support needed to ensure implementation of the projects we find of interest.

Our financial client is able to develop, administer and manage engineering projects, design and construction in the energy field, clean energy, oil sector and in the civil area construction of infrastructure, housing, roads, hospitals, ports and airports, hydroelectric and others.

  • Strategic Planning & Management
  • Oil Lubricants & Petro Products
  • Shae Butter Distributor
  • Hemp Flower & Oil Distributor
  • Roku Channel Development
  • DigiGlobalTv TurnKey Tv Services
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